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Our Founder Late Sh. Yudhishtar Sethi laid the foundation stone of BKT Group in the year 1961 for the trading of Saffron (Kesar , Crocus Stivas) and other country drugs. with the passage of time he started perfectionism in the trading of Saffron and Ox- Gallstones (Gorochan). In the late sixties he started exporting Saffron and Ox- Gallstones to eastern countries and got a very good reputation in the field of exporting and trading these two items.                                                                                                  

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We offer premium quality saffron, which is 100% pure and fresh having perfect blend of aroma, flavour and colouring capabilities.

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Shilajit Herbal is perhaps the most potent rejuvenator and anti aging substance. We are one of the most well known, authentic supplier of SHILAJIT.

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We are one of the most well known suppliers of pure Ox-Gallstones (Gorochana). We ensure best and quality products.

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